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MarketingType is a blog about online marketing published by Stephen Fraser. It is also the blog-voice of Bug-Eyed Marketing, an online marketing agency. is a personal blog. You can read more about Stephen Fraser -- both this one and others -- at You can also download and listen to a song about me (written by Billy Sugarfix at the request of my wife) by clicking here.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Left Atlanta in 1988 to attend Earlham, a Quaker institution in Richmond, Indiana, but finished my BA in English at Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 1993. Lived in Guatemala briefly, then Oakland and San Francisco for four years, back to Atlanta for two, finally returning to Chapel Hill and married my wife, Kim. I have an almost-ten year-old stepdaughter named Iris, a daughter, Lula, who turns three in April, and a baby named Phoebe born in December.

My mother died of cancer of the pancreas five years ago. My father, Neil Fraser, slipped away at the beginning of 2006. His dog McCoy now lives with us and annoys my wife no end. Neil and I is a reminiscence of my father written by fellow-blogger, Cyril the Wellbeloved.

I have an older brother in Colorado. Much of my spare I spend running. After having worked for four years to get the publishing web site off the ground, I decided at the end of 2006 to go into business for myself. I am now the president of Bug-Eyed Marketing, a company offering advice on niche marketing.

I am in the process of launching a new business called Spoonflower, for which I have high hopes. When I'm paying attention I still learn things. Wish me luck.


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